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Compact Combi Chucks

Compact Combi Chucks

Compact Chucks

Base in machine spindles, on tables, in dividers or in fixtures

Compact Standard Holders

The most economic way to hold blank parts

Compact Copper Blanks

Electode blanks with integrated centering

Compact Special Holders

Special holders for various applications

Compact Combi Accessories

Components for daily use

Compact ITS Adapters

Connection to the EROWA ITS tooling

Compact Combi Element Sets

Selected components to start manufacturing

ITS Standard electrode holders

The best way to hold electrodes

ITS Workpiece pallets

The base for carrying workpieces

Peripheral Equipment

Special equipment for electrode making

Compact Chucking Spigots

The connection between chuck and pallet

Compact Measuring Components

Accessories for alignement and checking